How we work

In order for a community to move forward there has to be a level of social cohesion, in a world where people are fighting for survival, searching for the next meal and competition take precedence over building a sense of community. Ujamaa Collective strives to build social cohesion in order to establish successful and sustainable cooperatives through creating rhythms of life, artistic expression, and critical engagement.

Creating Rhythms of life

Work is meant to be a meaningful part of life and not slavery.  For many, work remains a struggle for survival.  At Ujamaa Collective work is designed to be a meaningful and fulfilling part of productive life. Community members are encouraged to work in gardens or to work in a variety of home industries, and to be generous in service of each other.

A second rhythm is rest, but for many rest is a luxury they cannot afford. Resting is an essential part of experiencing life. “To be poor takes all your time”-Moss Ntlha. At Ujamaa Collective we invite people to share in the rhythm of work, rest and life together.

Artistic Expression and Critical engagement

Ujamaa Collective believes in an open classroom and has an amphitheatre that is designed to promote dialogue and education through artistic performances. The space hosts various performances including speakers, poetry sessions, local music and jazz sessions that help further the cause of Ujamaa.