About Us

The word “Ujamaa” refers to an economic cooperative system which operates with a collective ownership approach to resources.

As a community based organisation, we were born from the need to respond to socio-economic challenges. We work towards an alternative, self reliant and communal socio-economic system. Ujamaa Collective is futuristic and idealist in re-imagining a society where there is enough for all, in the absence of racism, class structures, patriarchy and violence. In this future all people live in harmony with everyone and everything, including nature and the elements of water, wind, fire and earth.


Ujamaa Collective envisions an alternative communal society that critically engages its surroundings, living in solidarity and service to each other, sharing in the rhythms of work and rest, and living in harmony with nature and others.


To create an enabling space where people’s identities and abilities are affirmed and their potentials realised. To create eco-villages where members can participate in rhythms of work and rest, and critical engage with the environment around them as communal owners of their resources living fruitful lives.